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James Bond’s Watch Can Tell Time For You

James Bond Rolex Up For Auction

1969-bondHave you ever sat in a movie theater memorized by British secret service agent James Bond? Even if you cannot lead a glamorous life of international espionage it is now possible for you to own a bit of the of the original sparkle of the James Bond character. If you have the deepest pockets and your desire is the greatest, you can own a Rolex Pre-Daytona Chronograph. It is unique ref 6238, one of two Rolexes that appeared in the 1969 movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. In this movie the watch is seen on the wrist of actor George Lazenby who played James Bond. The studio specifically requested a Rolex Chronograph with a red second had. This gem of James Bond memorabilia is going to be sold through a public auctioned July 18th.

James Bond had a long standing relationship with the Rolex brand in the early days of the franchise. Even before the movies, the Bond of Ian Flemming’s novel wore a Rolex Oyster with an expandable metal bracelet as a band. Bond considered these as a means to improvise brass knuckles. When Sean Connery played the part of 007 the watch worn by bond was the Rolex Submariner. This was a famous luxury diving watch rated to 300 feet. Q modified the Submariner worn by the Connery-Bond to includes a buzsaw. Other Bond watches included a laser beam, a plastic explosives detonator, a miniature grappling hook and a ticker tape printer.

When Sean Connery tired of playing Bond there was fierce competition to replace him. George Lazenby who was finally selected for the part (Burt Reynolds had been offered the part but turned it down as he thought an American could not play 007.)

To prepare for the audition for the part of James Bond in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” George Lazenby purchased a Rolex Submariner.  This was the type of Rolex worn by the Sean Connery’s Bond. This is the Rolex worn by Lazenby in the first parts of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” However, this is not the Bond Movie Rolex that is being auctioned off on July 18, 2016.

The watch that is up for auction is the Rolex Pre-Daytona that Lazenby wears in later parts of the movie. This Rolex w2as purchased in Switzerland to be used as a prop in the movie.

Documentation that will be included with the Rolex is the original Swiss receipt that is dated October 23, 1968. Written by hand on the receipt are the words , “This is the watch for James Bond.” The Rolex was purchased for Swiss francs 790.

After the movie was filmed the pre-Daytona Rolex was sold to a production worker and sold it to its current owner through an auction at Christies.

The winner of Monday’s auction will be one of the very few people who will be able to honestly say, “The Rolex I am wearing came from James Bond – the real 007.”