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Rolex Repair

Rolex Repair Explained

  • Our Rolex Watch Repair service is just $395.
  • We will send you a Free fully insured & pre-paid FedEx label after Joe, a WOSTEP Certified Watchmaker, speaks with you about your watch.
  • Once your watch is received by us we will contact you to confirm the work before commencing.


Our Rolex Watch Repair includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Overhaul
  • Full Polish
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Timing Test in Delta
  • Pressure Test
  • Water Test
  • Refinished Case and Band
  • Insured Shipping
  • Fedex Shipping

* all testing is performed with Rolex certified equipment


Q: How much does a Rolex repair cost?

A: You will see many offers that confuse the two issues of Rolex repair and Rolex service. The servicing of a watch is different than the repair of a watch. The reason we mention that is due to the fact that many online repairmen will quote one price such as $395 for repair which is misleading. That is the price to service a watch much like you would take a car in for service. However to repair a watch that has a problem depends on the problem itself. We offer a Rolex service for $395 which includes Cleaning, Overhauling, Polishing, Gasket replacement, Pressure and Water testing and more. However if there is a problem and a part is needed then it depends on the price of the part. That is why an initial phone conversation will allow us to estimate the repair and then confirm it once the watch is inspected.


Q: Why is Rolex watch repair so expensive?

A: There are many factors involved in Rolex repair. If the average cost of a watch is around $15,000 (estimated) and the cost of a service is around $400 then it is just 2.6% of the cost of the watch itself.  Much like a luxury car it pays to service the watch.  When it comes to repair costs it all depends on the parts, you can use non-Rolex parts and save money but you are putting your watch at risk.  Using genuine certified Rolex parts assures that the watch will maintain it’s value and work properly.  As you can see, compared to the initial cost of the watch itself, Rolex watch repair is really not that expensive.


Q: Where can I look to repair a Rolex?

A: When looking to repair a Rolex it is best to find a certified repairman.  Some watch dealers provide the service however some merely sell and not service the watches.  One of the values of being able to search online is the benefit of finding a highly trained repairman that specializes in repairing Rolexes.  The WOSTEP program is a two-year certification program provided by the Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School. Developed in partnership with the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program (WOSTEP), the program entails 3,000 hours of theoretical and hands-on instruction. The WOSTEP program is one of the most important certifications for watchmakers around the world, ask if your repairman is WOSTEP certified, ours is.


Here are some Testimonials from hundreds of Clients

“Joseph – -just wanted to thank you for the fine job you did on my wife’s Rolex. We have had the watch back for a couple of weeks, – – it is keeping fine time, and looks like new. Thank you again for the fine service, and for the continuing communications during the repair”
~ Ed Coughlan

“When I received my Rolex watch, it looks just like it did when my husband bought it for me many years ago. I love it. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship that was done on it, since we both had seen it last. When we need repair or cleaning we will let you know and contact you again.”

~ Mrs. P. Gebhardt

“To see my Submariner look brand new again has made my day. I sent you a “lost cause” in my mind, but your excellent workmanship turned my lost cause into what I would call a masterpiece. Thank You for your patience with me and your understanding. I will highly recommend you to my friends.”

~ Tony Durant


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