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Rolex Service

Rolex Service Explained

  • Our Rolex service is just $395.
  • We will send you a Free fully insured & pre-paid FedEx label after Joe, a WOSTEP Certified Watchmaker, speaks with you about your watch.
  • Once your watch is received by us we will contact you to confirm the work before commencing.


Q: How much does it cost to Service a Rolex?

A: Servicing a Rolex costs just $395 which is extremely nominal considering the cost of the Rolex watch.  The service varies and should include a cleaning, an overhaul, a full polish, gasket replacement, timing test, pressure test, water test, and refinished case and band.  A repair is a different issue and not to be confused with a service because a repair varies depending on what the issue is. Our Rolex Watch Service includes the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Overhaul
  • Full Polish
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Timing Test in Delta
  • Pressure Test
  • Water Test
  • Refinished Case and Band
  • Insured Shipping
  • Fedex Shipping

* all testing is performed with Rolex certified equipment


Q: Why is Rolex service so expensive?

A: The service is actually very low considering all the work that goes into it. The entire watch is taken apart when servicing.  It is completely cleaned and overhauled. After it is put back together it is tested with various tests including: timing, pressure, water and then polished.  Gaskets are replaced and the case as well as the band is refinished.


Q: When should I service my Rolex?

A: It is recommended that Rolexes are serviced every three years.  If it is not keeping time properly or you believe there may be condensation under the case then you should have it serviced.


Here are some Testimonials from hundreds of Clients

“I must admit I was somewhat hesitant about sending my Rolex watch to be repaired through someone on the Internet, but when I spoke to Mr. Roth on the phone he sounded very professional and made me feel at ease with the prospect of having my watch repaired by someone I found in cyberspace. I can now say that I am extremely pleased with the results. My watch is running smoothly and looks fantastic. I will certainly use your services again and recommend your company.
~ Frank Giordano, Atlanta, GA


“My watch arrived yesterday and has kept perfect time for the past 24 hours. That hasn’t happened in a long time! It looks like a new watch. Thank you for your efficiency in getting it repaired and returned.”

~ Nancy Selby Engle
“I sent in my 6-year-old Explorer II and it was in pretty bad shape. I had never had it serviced. I had not been able to manually wind the watch for about 2 years, and recently, I had dropped it right on its face and the sapphire shattered. I honestly thought that I had ruined the watch, and felt pretty disgusted with myself. Well lo and behold it was hardly a total loss. I was very pleased to be in regular contact with the watchmaker throughout the repair process, who was very responsive and helpful. He received the watch, called me to explain what needed to be done to repair it, and completed the repairs as promised, within the agreed upon time frame (pun intended). I received the watch back the other day and am simply amazed by the difference. It looks like brand new, plain and simple. It is frankly amazing. I believe it is a very hard thing to do to bring a watch back to this condition. The meticulous attention to detail necessary is virtually superhuman; thank you very much for doing such quality work. I had forgotten how much I enjoy wearing the watch and why I bought it in the first place (as a symbol of excellence, and it has now recovered its throne).”
~ Scott P., Phoenix, AZ
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