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Rolex Swan Cup Boat Racing

The end of summer marks the  running of the Rolex Swan Cup in Porto Cervo Sardinia at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. The week long event includes social events, shopping, and yacht sailing sales events hosted by Rolex and the Nautor Company.  Nautor has built the iconic sailing yacht designed by German Frers. The oldest Swan ever built the Tarantella will compete in the 25th Swan Cup races.

rolex swan cupThe race is divided among five classes of crafts that are defined by length. Each boat’s length determines the amount of sail available. The competition is designed to pit the boats that have similar speed and design against each other. The idea is that the sailing ability of the captain and crew are the real measure of the winners of the race in each class.

The event is in many ways an expression of the iconic nature of Swan and Rolex. Not everyone can afford both of the top line products in their specific market. The true nature of the competition is as much a sales event as it is a contest for bragging rights for two years among those fortunate enough to own a Swan.

A large part of the allure of the Swan and the race is the unique design of the Swan yachts. Luxury is of course extremely evident in the interiors. The boats were the first to mass produce the use of a fiberglass hull. The man-made material produces a faster cut through the water.

The original design of the Swan was the longest known sailing yacht ever built. Size is still a trademark of the craft. Boats that participate in the Swan Cup range from 33 feet to 131 feet. The aft position of the rudder and a thicker than average aft section are thought to provide better handling, easier control, and more safety to each Swan yacht.

Each craft is crewed by a team of up to eight members. The personnel are normally the owner and members of the crew that man the boat when it is not racing. The rules of the race require that the crew be experienced sailors and certified in boat safety.  This may be obvious to say but it is a perfect fit for the waterproof Rolex’es and proper Rolex servicing will assure they will be water proof.

Rolex Swan Cup boat racing has become a standard for friendly competition, excitement for the sailors and spectators, and a real party atmosphere. Competitors have been known to train for two years for this one vent and never race in any other event.

The Rolex Swan Cup is about style too. The thrill of the race is accentuated by the fact that few people can own and operate a Swan. The Swan has come to symbolize what very successful and competitive people can do to make their lives more exciting and fulfilling. Little attention is paid to the hours of hard work that each competitor puts into his boat and his sailing skills compared to the show that the race is.


Next Race

The next Rolex Swan Cup is September 11, 2016 to September 18, 2016.