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2016 Rolex Kentucky Derby Results

kentucky derbyIt is always pleasing to witness an underdog (or underhorse) taking the lead in an event. The mixed feeling between excitement and surprises is one of many things that keep the competition entertaining. However, that did not happen in the latest Rolex Kentucky Derby. Despite many factors that could affect the final results, favorites deserved to be called favorites for good reasons.

Michael Jung of Germany did not surprise anyone when he triumphed victorious at 2015’s Rolex Kentucky; in fact, he and Fischerrocana FST just won their second consecutive Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event on April 28 – May 1, 2016. Two Americans took the remaining places in the podium indeed, but Jung certainly earned what he came here to achieve.

Even when everybody loves how an underdog puts serious competition against the well-known, they simply could not ignore the fact that Jung and Fischerrocana really did well at showcasing their skills and overall performance. Of course, a reigning champion gets all the rights to brag about it, but Jung actually is a humble man.

During an interview he said,

“I always think the same thing when I go to a championship. I say to myself, this is a normal competition, and don’t put too much pressure on the horse. It is important to win, but it’s important that you have a good feeling for the horse and that you have a nice round together.”

In second place, we had Lauren Kieffer and Veronica of the United States. At the end of the day, they managed to add only one fault which was enough to move them up to the second place from an unlucky sixth after cross-country. This even was their third Rolex Kentucky, and the second time that they ended up in second place in the competition and top finishing Americans; that earned them the USEF National Championship. Overall for Laura and Veronica, it was not bad at all.

Another American pair took the third spot, Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair. That’s quite strange name for a competitive horse, but that’s only his official name; his friends call him Cody. They actually started at fourth position, but their fellow American Philip Dutton did two jumping faults. Maya and Cody had only one rail and that was enough to move them up to third. It was actually the most surprising part because the last time they were in Rolex Kentucky was at 2015 in which they finished 22nd. Moving up 19 places in one year is a pleasant surprise, anytime.