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New Rolex Watch Warranties

Last year, in 2105, Rolex made an announcement stating that every new Rolex purchased from an authorized dealer has a 5-Year warranty. For every watch purchased after July 1, 2015 you will have a 5 year warranty. Moreover, a generous offer of 1-year extended warranty stretches back to watches purchased between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2015. The announcement also confirmed that the officially recommended service period used to be 3 years and is now 10 years. However for all watches purchased prior to July 2015 you should still have a proper Rolex service every 3 years.

warrantyIt was staggering news for all watchmakers stepping up the competition in the watch market. For consumers, however, there is the promise of better timepieces in the overall quality including accuracy, durability, and value. Because consumers do not have to service their timepieces every 3-years they will more than likely spend less on maintenance. The implicit message from the announcement is that Rolex is now more confident about the quality of its products as well as durability and long-term performance. That said, what seems to be highly beneficial for consumers actually sparks some questions.

What has changed in the Rolex factory?

One of the biggest changes in Rolex over the last few years is that they now use a different type of steel from the commonly used one in watch industry. Rolex used 904L steel, which is better in terms of appearance and resistance against rust and corrosion. Even with that change there is no massive technical improvement in the watch-making process that should boost so much confidence for the company. The most simple and logical answer is that Rolex has proven that its products are reliable and can perform like they did out-of-the-box even after years of abuse. A new watch, when serviced well periodically and kept away from potential hazards such as electrical or magnetic appliances, can run longer than the actual suggested time.


Third-party Repair Service

Some people believe an old saying “do not fix what is not broken” while others say that when things start to indicate problems the damage is already done. Although the periodic service recommendation clearly states you one need once in every 10-years, you don’t have to wait that long to get you Rolex serviced. Remember that only applies to those bought after July 2015. Taking it apart, cleaning the movement, and re-oiling it will prevent parts from wearing too soon.


More about the Warranty

As with any other warranty, not all damages are covered. Accidental damages can happen inside the warranty period, but they are not typically covered because Rolex considers them your fault. Let us say you dropped the watch to the floor or bumped it into a door knob, resulting in noticeable dents. Even if the damage happens inside the warranty period, Rolex will still charge you for that kind of repair. After sending the watch to the official service center, there can be a long waiting period.