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Rolex Servicing: What It Involves

Servicing a Rolex is done carefully and completely in order to bring the watch back to its original performance and appearance. This procedure is completed by a certified Rolex professional and involves several distinct steps.

First, the watch itself is detached from the watchband or bracelet. The technician removes the movement piece of the watch and completely disassembles it into its component parts. The case is also completely disassembled. At this point, the watch is in individual pieces, with no one piece connected to another.

At this point, the actual cleaning and maintenance of the watch can begin. Each piece of the movement is cleaned using special formulations of cleaning solutions and with the use of ultrasonic technology.

The watchmaker who is servicing the watch then examines each freshly cleaned component piece of the movement for damage. Any piece which requires replacement is then replaced, using original unused parts from the Rolex Headquarters facility in Switzerland.

Before the watch can be reassembled, the pieces need to be lubricated. The watchmaker carefully lubricates each moving part using the Rolex high-quality advanced formula lubricants. This is a crucial steps because proper lubrication not only ensures that the watch will perform to specifications, but it also minimizes the wear on the parts caused by friction, allowing the watch to perform at its best.

Rolex Balance Wheel
The balance wheel in the Rolex is the most important piece in the watch’s movement. This wheel moves more than 690,000 times each day. The timing of these beats is crucial to the proper performance of the watch. Therefore, before reassembling the watch, the watchmaker must calibrate the balance wheel. Once it has been calibrated, it is tested electronically for accuracy. Once the calibration of the balance wheel is perfected, the watch is reassembled and observed for a period of days to ensure accurate performance.

The case and the bracelet of the Rolex are also cared for. They were cleaned during the initial cleaning phase, but once the watch itself is completed and running at its best, the case and bracelet are carefully examined for damage. Any piece that is damaged is then replaced, also using genuine parts from Rolex.

Case and Bracelet
The case and bracelet are then refinished and cleaned ultrasonically  the reassembly of the watch. The entire watch is put back together and fresh waterproof seals are installed. The watch then undergoes a special three part test to ensure that the case is indeed waterproof.

  • First, there is a Vacuum Test.
  • Second, a Compression Test.
  • Finally, a Condensation Test.

By the end of testing even the smallest leak in the waterproof seals will have been detected.

Once all of the service has been completed, the watch undergoes a final rigorous quality control check, at which point the watch is guaranteed to be at factory standards. A complete servicing assures your watch will last for years to come.