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Making A Good Investment as Rolex Watches Are Up

A Practical Investment

rolex watch investmentsInvesting in watches? Why would anyone do that? Well first of all because they are great collectables.  Like most collectables, they are worth a lot of money after a while. Special edition or limited edition Rolexes, in particular, are a prized commodity. Sure it sounds like a dumb thing to spend your money on, but it really is not. Not that long ago there was a Rolex that there were only two of in existence, and one of them sold for $7.3 Million dollars in a bidding war that lasted just nine minutes! That was ten times the watches actual worth. Rolex collectors will pay big bucks for these fine watches. Now just imagine if you collected a few of these bad boys, sat on them for a while, and then sold them. So yes, actually they are a good investment.

What Exactly Is A Rolex?

The Rolex SA Company and its subsidiary, Montres Tudor SA design make these beautiful watches. They also distribute them and provide service on them when needed. The idea was originally that of Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf. They founded the company in London all the back in the year 1905. Then in 1919, they moved manufacturing to Geneva Switzerland, and before too long all operations were based there. So these beautiful watches have been produced since 1905, and of course, a couple of those originals even still exist . Not to mention all the watches sold since then. These days the company is owned and run by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. They have done far more than just keep the name and memory alive since. They have been employing some of the finest watchmakers to create the designs for these Rolexes, and they continue to manufacture the very unique watches to this day.

Their Idea Turned Into Reality

Davis and Wilsdorf believed that a watch was bought to enjoy, not just to tell you what time it is. They wanted to create a timepiece that people would enjoy as long as they owned it and were alive. That second part was something that was not unusual back in 1905 but is not common these days. The idea of being able to own something that will work until your time is up in 2016 is almost completely unheard of. Things we buy today just are not made to last. Rolexes are made to last a few lifetimes in reality. Let’s face the fact, if you go by a new washing machine right now you are only going to expect a few years of use out of it at the most.

So these two gentlemen of the early 1900s had an idea, and they made it happen for their customers to enjoy for literally more than a century to come. It is considered one of the finest items to be sold on the market ever since 1905, and it is not hard to see why.

Rolex Watches Like The Daytona Edition

Right now there is a Rolex about to go on the market called “The New Daytona” which is the fourth generation of the Daytona iteration of Rolexes. As it stands, there probably is not going to be enough of them produced to go to all of the certified Rolex dealers in London. What does this mean if you get one, though? Well for starters, it means the moment supply runs out, your watch will at least triple in value. If you hold onto it for a few more years after that, it could easily be worth seven times its original value. That is one heck of a Rolex! I would say there are quite a few Rolexes on the market like this, but actually, there is not.

Buying The Limited Editions

Sure it might cost you a pretty penny to get, or a lot of pretty pennies, but think about all the cash you can get for it in just a few years. If you do not want to sell it, then think of owning that beautiful watch that only a few other people in the entire world own. You do not need a Rolex to feel unique, but it probably would not hurt to own one either… and it sure is a good investment. Even if you just end up down on your luck, you will have a Rolex literally up your sleeve if you need the cash. There is nothing better than knowing you have a hidden ace to save you when you are down.

So It Is A Good Investment Overall

It really does not matter which Rolex watch you buy so long as they have a certain worth, to begin with. Now I’m not talking about cash worth necessarily. I am talking about unique worth, which is far more important overall. They do make and sell Rolex watches that are still nice to have but are not a limited or special edition. It is just like collecting action figures. The standard run of the mill action figures that they sell in large retail stores are not really worth much, nor will they ever be worth very much. Those old action figures that they only made a few of will be worth one hundred times what they were when they were made after several decades. So just like any other kind of investment, invest your money wisely. Do not just buy a Rolex watch because it is shiny, and you want something expensive on your wrist for a time before.