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24 Movies With Rolex Submariner Appearances

black rolex submarinerA Rolex Submariner is a particular brand of the Swiss watch that was made specifically for sports. The wrist watch is 100% water resistant. The very first Submariner was introduced to the public in the year 1954.

A Rolex Submariner ranges from $7,500 to $8,550. As a result of its uniqueness and cost, the Rolex Submariner has been used in movies to depict wealthy or luxuries individuals. In these Movies, a Rolex Submariner was utilized by a major character.

1.    The President’s Man: As directed by Alan.J. Pakula, the President’s man is an American action thriller that was debut in 1976. The major character was Robert Redford. Redford wore a beautiful Rolex Submariner in all the parts of the movie. Sean Penn, his editor, also wore a Rolex wrist watch. However, he’s was a Rolex GMT.

2.    Courage under fire: The 1996 flick was directed by Edward Zwick. The plot was a colonel who accidentally caused a fire. Denzel Washington played the role of Nathaniel Sterling. During the film, he was spotted wearing a beautiful Rolex Submariner wristwatch.

3.    Deep: In the 1977 movie about a couple who got involved with treasure hunters. Nick Nolte was captured wearing a Rolex Submariner.

4.    Deep Hunter: In the 1978 film, Deep Hunter, a Rolex Submariner was worn by one of the major characters, Robert Di Niro. The movie was about three working-class friends preparing to move overseas.

5.    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: This is a classic movie about a man who enjoys life in luxurious resorts, but gets uncomfortable when a competition shows up. Donald Sutherland wore gold Rolex Submariner in the film.

6.     44 Minutes: In the, 2003 movie about a gun battle also features a Rolex Submariner with a date.

7.    Hunter: In the 1980 movie, Hunter, Star Steve McQueen wore a beautiful Rolex Submariner on his right wrist.

8.    Jaws: The 1975 thriller about the investigation of a shark kill featured a Rolex Submariner on the wrist of Richard Dreyfuss.

9.    Liquidator: The 1966 movie about a legal dispute featured a Rolex Submariner on the wrist of Rod Taylor.

10.    Mechanic: The 1972 action thriller about a hitsssman, Charleston featured a Rolex Submariner on the wrist of Bronson himself.

11.    North Sea Hijack: Roger Moore wears a Rolex Submariner. The 1975 movie is a platform used for hijacking ships.

12.    Outbreak: The movie outbreak was about a deadly outbreak of the virus called Ebola. The 1995 film featured a Rolex Submariner on the wrist of Kevin Spacey.

13.    Revenge: In the 1990 action movie, Kevin Costner is given a Rolex Submariner which he wears and uses to the end.

Tequila Sunrise rolex14.    Tequila Sunrise (1988): The Tequila Sunrise is a movie about two best friends Mac and Nick, who lived in Seaside California. The movie was debut in 1988. Mel Gibson who played the role of Mac wore a gold Submariner wristwatch. His friend Nick was captured wearing a Rolex as well, although not a Submariner.

15.    Titanic(1998): Titanic was a British ship that sank deep into the North Atlantic Ocean in the year 1912, killing 1,500 out of the 2,224 passengers aboard. In 1997 a movie was acted based on the Titanic disaster. The budget was set at $200 million, but the movie made it to the box office with a whopping $2.187 million. One of the actors in the emotional flick, Bill Paxton, wore gold Rolex Submariner.

16.    Wild things (1998): This American exotic thriller was debut in 1998 as directed by John McNaughton. The movie was about a high school counselor who was accused of rape by two wealthy female students. During the film, Matt Dillon wore a Rolex Submariner of stainless steel.

17.    The man with a golden gun (1974): Some 007 movies featured the Submariner Rolex. James Bond, in this case, was the person of Roger Moore. Moore wore a Submariner Rolex during the film.

18.    Live and let Die (1973): In the 1973 007 movies, Roger Moore also played the role of James Bond. He struggled to survive as he finds himself in crossfire between deadly assassins. Moore wore 5513 model of the Submariner Rolex.

19.    Thunder ball (1965): As 007 fought the terrorist’s organization led by the one-eyed mastermind, Emilio Largo, his mission is to stop the NATO plane that could bring about nuclear destruction. Sean Connery played Bond’s role in this flick. He wore a beautiful Submariner Rolex.

20.    O.H.M.S.S(1969): This action 007 movie also featured a Rolex Submariner wristwatch. George Lazenby played the role of James Bond. He had to join forces with Tracy Di Vicenzo (Daina Riggs). Their mission was to stop the evil SPECTRE organization. The Rolex Submariner was worn by George Lazenby.

goldfinger rolex21.    Goldenfinger (1964): In this particular 007 movie, Sean Connery played the role of James Bond. He must outwit one of the greatest villains of all time. The submariner Rolex was also featured in this movie.

22.    With love from Russia (1963): Again Sean Connery is installed as James Bond. He has to do what a 007 does best, fight crime. The Submariner Rolex appeared in this movie.

23.    The spinal tap (1984): The spinal tap is a comedy musical by Marty DeBergi. Nigel Tuffnel, (Christopher Guest) was spotted wearing a Rolex Submariner watch.

24.    Dr. No (1962): James Bond is faced with the mysterious Dr. No. He must stop the genius before he accomplishes his plan to destroy the US space program.